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Swing Bohemienne
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New Wine in Old Bottles
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Wild Nights
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Roger Remembers Woodstock: Take It From One Who Was There

August 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Aquarian Exposition held at Max Yasgur's farm.
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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost

And so Roger Latzgo's musical journey continues. Where did it begin? Listening to his mother singing Slovak folk songs? Dancing to his grandfather's accordion waltzes? As a ten-year-old twanging a rusty string on an old guitar he found in the attic? Learning his first Bach fugue or figuring out how to play boogie-woogie? It doesn't much matter, because his musical sails are still catching the wind and propelling him to that next performance, that big chord that will connect with an audience.

Accompanied by piano and guitar, Roger travels his musical road with a style called ethnofunkology--a unique blend of folk music and jazz. Stops along the way include Rutgers College and Lehigh University, Prague, and New York, all the while performing in palaces and embassies, castles, wine cellars and beer gardens. In his repertoire are songs of celebration, adventure and triumph: music that explores the resonance of life.

Today, Roger brings his unique sound to festivals, concerts, special events, workshops and residencies. When he's not touring, he lives in Germansville, PA, USA. In addition to performing and recording, he teaches music privately and at the Lehigh Carbon Community College. This year, Roger's musical path takes him from the tango halls of Buenos Aires to stages of Musikfest.

What People are Saying about Roger Latzgo's Recordings

About "Swing Bohemienne" , "New Wine In Old Bottles" and "Wild Nights" . "Swing Bohemienne is a buoyant blend of clarinet-swung Yiddish folk and piano polkas, balalaika ballads and saxy pop tracing Czechoslovakia's tumultuous history. New Wine is more intimate and universal, with more complex vintages for French Cabarets and gypsy camps."
___-Allentown (PA)
Morning Call

"Roger Latzgo is a master of world ethnofunkology."
___-David Amram, American Composer

"...Swing Bohemienne--a fine tribute to your ethnic roots. Slivova is a fascinating work, taking up where Janacek left off. Fly, Little Dove is such a delight--I want to dance to it!"
___-D. B., Island Heights, NJ

"...the solo piano pieces by the Czech composer Smetana are charming and well executed and the ensemble folk tunes lively and entertaining..."
___-Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

"The German and Yiddish are impeccable, recommended for folk music of Central Europe" - ___-Amazon.com Review

Roger Latzgo:  “The Charismatic Minister in the Church of Ethnofunkology.”...
___-Stan Jay, Mandolin Brothers, Staten Island, NYC.

Live Performance Reviews

"...I listened, astonished and delighted. Here Latzgo is batting in the Big Leagues..."
The Times-News, Lehighton, PA

"His blend of traditional songs along with some of his own compositions illustrated well the ethnic diversity of turn-of-the-century Pennsylvania."
___-Anthracite Heritage Museum, Scranton, PA

"Most Americans are vaguely aware of their ethnic and cultural heritages.
Roger Latzgo lives his."
___ -Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Gazette

"His live performance is every bit as good as you will hear on CD."
___- Amazon.com Review

About Special Events

"Your music provided a perfect atmosphere for our daughter's wedding. Your own selections were tasteful, and you filled every special request by us and our guests so graciously...you are a class act."
___-M. C., Bethlehem, PA

Educational Events

"We have had residencies every year since 1985, and this ["Pennsylvania's Immigrants, A Musical Tapestry"] was one of the finest."
___-Gail Farnham, Principal, Weisenberg Elementary, Northwestern Lehigh School District.

Educational Programmers
There is something exciting happening in the schools. It focuses on ecology, diversity, music and literature. It's Roger Latzgo's repertoire of educational programs

Concerts and Festivals
Looking for an unusual act that will draw crowds? Consider Roger Latzgo, Pennsylvania guitarist, pianist and ethnofunkologist whose special brand of world music has delighted audiences for over 40 years. Read more to see theme specific programs available to you...

Music for Events
Jazz and blues flavored piano and guitar combine with a clear tenor voice to make Roger a favorite for corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and other festivities. Check out Roger's repertoire sampler which ranges from the Great American Songbook to ethnic specialties.

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